painting nude

litt ferdig for i dag. vil snekre en seng med skuffer og ta på nytt dynetrekk og putevar og sette meg i senga og lese en dag og tenke en dag. skrive selvportrettet.

wish i had pretty feet

in one way, i get so optimistic and happy when its sun and more springy and light. i find myself sitting on my light-wood bedroom floor, six o clock, barefoot in jeans and a red sweater. its still light, that light summer light even though it isnt summer at all, but im barefoot and thats good enough for me. listening to cat power. i havent listened to her scince the night i couldnt fall asleep in copenhagen last summer. was lying in novas bed, the white sheets, listened to willie deadwilder, that 20 mins long song with the video in the woods. maybe i should do that, stand in the woods, play guitar, the two songs i can recall, or just play nothing but still make sounds. film myself. you know im working on this self portrait.
ph 1 i think thats enisas foot and 2 kärleksdöden ph 3 jewelry

jeg vet ikke

ph a screencap from a scanned casette cover but i dont remember which casette, i only liked the photo because of the texture and the girl and her look and the outlet in the wall which looks like is over her shoulder, but i actually think its far down, closer to the floor.
WHAT IS COLOUR ?An intensity, a temperature, a clash, a harmony.AND HOW DO YOU USE IT ? When it asks. WHAT IS BLACK ? An absence, a presence, a mood, a mantle. WHAT IS RED ? A blush, a flush, a fever, a command. WHAT IS SKIN ? A protection. WHAT IS FABRIC ? A medium. WHAT IS TEXTURE ? A result of time. WHAT IS CONSTRUCTION ? A means to an end. WHAT IS FUNCTION ? A reply to a need. WHAT IS ART ? A need to reply. WHAT IS CRAFTSMANSHIP ? A fruit of time. WHAT IS CLOTHING ? The final layer. WHAT IS FASHION ? A series of propositions. WHAT IS RECYCLING ? Another chance. HOW DOES RECYCLING FIT INTO YOUR WORK ?By nature. HOW DOES A CONCEPT DEVELOP AT MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA ? Time, another question, another reply. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DEVELOP ? BESIDES CLOTHING ? An understanding. WHAT WORDS DO YOU LIVE BY ? We.


i wish my room looked like this. instead i have a bed filled with clothes and a suitcase at the floor. leaving for amsterdam. (cross my fingers for an old hotel room with a tacky bathroom. want to take pictures in the mirror and buy a bag of grapes and new shoes. i dont have shoes) lyst på kjæreste. ph nan


i have this long-sleeve, black, elastic. very basic, nothing expensive or particulary nice. two for the price of one-idea. i remember buying both because the fabic was so comfortable, but now i only use them at the gym. or, im not sure if i still have both of them, or just one. its hard to know, because theyre identical, but i dont use them that often- i should know if i have one or two. especially because i just cleaned up my closet. i think i will but in both of them. at the first, i'll remove the shoulders, so its more like a sweater that starts with a horizontal line(almost) just over my breasts. i dont know how it will be kept from falling down all the time, but its quite tights so i guess it will be ok. and with the second one, ill remove the back, at least down to the bra. like the last picture. then i dont have any gym-sweater. nevermind.

gucci gucci

won't write now


har avtale om femten min og hakke stått opp hakke kledd på meg hakke dusja hakke spist hakke sett dagslys har bare sittet nesten naken skjekka yr skrevet jobba med selvportrettet mitt eller tenkt på selvportrettet mitt hørt på balanescu og egyptian lover og john maus og lil b sittet i mørket med bare lyset som trenger gjennom ræva hvite rullgardiner men det blir fint lys trenger ikke lampe da

idea #1000 how to make a woman feel

i'll sell my dog for 50$. i'll buy new shoes or a supreme caps for those. sew myself a new bag, print some tshirts, finish one of the seven books im reading, repair my sunglasses and make that self portrait ive been thinking a lot bout lately. both the broken heels and the nike sneakers. draw with coal. i have 20 mins before next lesson starts. i dont like myself today. img one a person in light, because i love the contrasts between light and darkness img two an amish woman in a three becasue i love the idea and i love the colours img three some russian boys skating i wish i was one of them and we could drink beer from glass bottles

questions 4 u

which kind of smells do i like? who am i? when and how do i use perfume?

these visions keep me up at night

finir: je finis. tu finis. il/elle finit. nous finissons. vous finissez. ils/elles finissent.
i wanted milk, but we didnt have any
so i took some orange juice instead
it tasted wrong, i almost lost the bottle to the floor. twice.

the irresistable

try to develope
try to develope
(screencaos: me. screencaps.)

i love

 i'm obsessed with smells, what the different, all of the smells do to you, how they affect you. it takes so much space- physically and mental. your memory is buildt on how different things and people smell. we fall in love with peoples necks, not their eyes. maybe we dont fall in love with personalities. that it's possible we could inhale light blue og green, transparent liquid all day from a small bottle with a cap made of plastic or metal or glass or bone. and still feel the same as we do to those around us. i dont know about my loving any more.

fire nyanser av blått

what is bahnhof zoo like today? there's a lot of luxury shops there
edit: if someone know where to get a similar caps, please tell me. and if you all ready have one, i'll buy it from you. if you are willing to sell it, ofc.