my mom says im stupid because i smoke
she always says i should be a bigger part of the family, but she only gets mad and says im rude when i try
she hates me when i say i dont handle dogs. im a cat-person
she says i spend too much money on food and says i eat too little
i dont like my family any more

espoinage vomit etc

a notebook and fake money and noseblood paper and a pencil case and a black plastic bag and a green and a h&m plastic bag and some broken sunglasses and a gluestick and a empty mini-carrot bag and a handcream and olympus mju II and my makeup pouch and a dark lipstick outside the makeup pouch and wallet and keys with a snakeskin key chain and moderna matches and a wool sock and a pencil and pen and eyeshadow in brown and black and nude in a metal case and mcdonalds black pepper and a tree spoon and gum paper and my iphone and receipts for h&m and the grocery store and the wine store and the book shop and weekday.

girl thing unit interrupted

 nå skal jeg stikke og kjøpe tikronerskaffe på deli. takk for tipset naddi <3

a short movie by kenneth anger for missoni aw 2011

now i am back after some days off because i can't stand this stupid blog and even though im so satisfied with my life at the moment i am the opposite with my self  and all kinds of makings of me all the time makes me tired and constructive

lage middag lage middag

svømme svømme
skrive skrive
begynne begynne

as boys

comme des garcons(dont know how to make that thing underneath the c in garcons.)
no, chanel is my current obsession. do anyone know where to get this or this?


didnt feel like schooling today
and i had a stomach ache in the morning
i'm at home
drawing cd covers
listening to white ring and billy idol and kim hiorthøy and modern witch and david crosby in my parents haunted bedroom
wearng a transparent, white top

detlev lives!

did you get to hang out with david bowie?
photos proenza shouler

vil bort

jeg føler meg så lurt
av meg selv

intergalaktisk melk

 wore my blogger-jacket today. it gives me a inner cold and blue hands but long legs.
didn't sleep tonight. thought about someone i probably never will get to know, and how that feels.
slept a couple of hours. then i dreamt about wine and dating and flooding at a mall. mudd.


i thought i would make a new years eve post, but i was too drunk at too busy and now i am too tired and it feels a bit stupid with those posts anyways. and it's the second of january and it feels a bit too late. happy new year anyways.