og du dør så langsomt at du tror du lever

i am not going to tell you about each of the moths during the year, as many other bloggers do. i don't want to be a hyped blogger. it is just fun with readers, but not that one which is on everyones lips. anyway, my year has been too personal. and i am glad the year is over. it was like a black breath. even though that black breath has been such an obstacle for me, i've been attracted by the dark too. what i was supposed to hide from, was the thing that obsessed me most, and found comfort and confidence in. now, unlike last march, i don't want to start it all over again. but i want things to be better. i still have the same interests, but with a new wiew. marc jacobs was replaced by ann demeulemeester. thoughts about life was replaced by the philosophy about life. the 'perfect'(don't like that word, but use it anyway) was replaced by everything that not fits in, and need a place somewhere.

avedon was replaced by duane michals.



there have been cases where people's shoes got stuck on their feet and could never be removed. the best way to get rid of unwanted flying insects is to have a strong body odor.
there hasn't been a good looking american car in twenty years.
there is always someyhing on television. the best lenght for television programs is either 30 seconds or 8 hours.


gess what my parents gave me? :) good morning!


sitting in my parents bed, while the rest of the family eats this huuuuugggggeeeee first-day-breakfast.
later, i am going out in the snow with my very best friend. now, it is my new sophie calle book and gossip girl. chiao! (i have a very exclusive christmas present for you, if you're willing to pick it up in oslo during the holydays. or, if you'll pay the shipping. but it isn't heavy at all.)
happy christmas

Les acteurs sont Anglais mais jouent le rôle de Français et parlent Anglais

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic1:me2:lights3:margiela shoes, which my mom wants to buy to me, but i am really unsure! should i go for it?


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this is gouing to be the darkest day of the year- just a few hours of sun, and then: darknessss
i made these pieces of heaven yesterday.and i've decided to update my blog more.


tonight, i had the strangest dream. i was eaten by some small dinosaurs. the big ones wasn't that dangerous, they were just scary.


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source:facebook< amandanørgaardwithmiumiuextensionswhichapparentlywerewaaaytoooooexpensive

i don't remember

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lately, a lot of people have suggested that i should do modeling. people on the blog, friends and people stops me at the street once in a while. i appreciate it a lot, but i am so unsure. i don't feel comfortable with my self, and i am so unsure about everything i do. except for the "remove-my-perfectionism-part". i hate being a perfectionist, it takes from me the opportunity be creative at all the places i need to be creative. it is like a disease. my life is a white sheet with ruler-lines and compass-sircles. and i hate it.
butbutbut... when i take pictures of my self, i never like them. and my blog is just crap. i just post things for the posts sake, not because i am inspired or want to post anything with real quality. that's what i want. help me, somehow.
update: i din't come to the point. you know, sometimes you just write, and you don't know what you write. this post wasn't acutally meant to be mainly about modeling- more about my insecure(right word?) and how i was planning to express more of my life at the blog, but it just became... not very me... it is me. dark, white, clean, minimalistic, enclosed, try to upen up for other people, but ending up being just as shy as i was. i did\t get to express me right this time, either, but i think this is better. and it isn't about the modeling. that is just a factor.


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Late nights in front of the computer. jacobs by marc jacobs.

my life and my appartment is a mess at the moment. i live at my best friend's place, and that is my excuse for the lack of posting. friday:malmö thursday:colour my hair(just a bit blonder... concidering dark brown, but that one has to wait) today: watch the beautiful sky and do some homework. finally done with all of my exams! december- kind of merry christmas to all fo you. x