today i will clean my room, clean the bathroom, finish my never-finished letter to karin, run, blog(better), hang around, eat, listen to marble house from a live cd, go to some kind of party i thought was on friday, than saturday. write two long mails to karin and william and try to read and paint. x

jente og leppestift.

please take me out tomorrow night and make me feel a bit more in place

my sophie calle book is in gothenburg atm!

reason why i want to remove all my furniture. i want someone.


alla kostromicheva
jumping topless from the diving board
10 meters. over
3 meters with the hair, shaped by the water.
some seconds where you dont have air or breath but still manage to do everything


note from emma: love elsa @ 1:56

morning // day

when i dont sleep i come into this strange mood. håkan hellström and cafe del mar at the speakers and i am just thinking different about everything. wish i could do this more. but my skin turns into big ugly fuss then. i dont like my skin. wish my life could be like pictures. somehow. in all kind of ways.

dead chair

i just feel like kattesuppe all the time. so i cry

"i'll offer you champange for beer price"

istanbul, so so beautiful .


i hate that word. never ever use it about my videos. but it is a video, a motion picture.

everything you own in a little black case

noone loves me. i am so alone. anxious. everything is falling down.
out. the darkness is quite tempting. (karin is in asia. just like that)


waiting for nadda. bleeding noseblood.

cinematic orchestra.

the scariest thing that ever has happened to me, just happened. i was at my parents room, in the very dark, with my computer, when started to play the worst ghost music out of nowhere. somehow a man with a movie camera showed up on my computer screen. i love when such things happen. i want a velour-turtle-neck.


got money from a fat vegiterian with a cute mind and bought these. she says everything three times, is 74 years old and my dad's mother. it's my birthday at sunday. 15th. i'm going to istanbul tomorrow !

i went for a walk and the trees looked like negatives.

the most magic ive ever seen.
bed now. i want to get to know a lot of new people now so mail me and tell me a lot about yourself.

you know it is wrong because you can't find anything better.

 i am in oslo now. not in stockholm. oh, 24hrs ago, i was in stockholm! another 10hrs ago, i was at karins place. we had the best last afternoon. guess it was the fall lightening.

edit: thanks you three hundred and ones. even tho its quite embarassing. never imagined. now we have to do some comfort eating or so.
! ! ! tomorRow ! ! !

polly and the cat.

wooping over to stockholm tomorrow. me and my suitcase and my blackblue knitted bag. aaah.

that post comes, just so you know.

i am back from spain, and i feel big inspriation filling my stomach. i always feel the ispiration in my neck and stomach. i have so much i want to do and paint and make and wear. post! if all of my ideas came down on this blog now, it would have been the best blog post ever. all the hannelis and rumis and tavis would just stand there, gasping. at least it feels like that to me.

happy. no more spain. stockholm on thursday.