that post comes, just so you know.

i am back from spain, and i feel big inspriation filling my stomach. i always feel the ispiration in my neck and stomach. i have so much i want to do and paint and make and wear. post! if all of my ideas came down on this blog now, it would have been the best blog post ever. all the hannelis and rumis and tavis would just stand there, gasping. at least it feels like that to me.

happy. no more spain. stockholm on thursday. 


  1. ah it sounds like it would be wonderful to be in your head right now!

  2. Hi Darling..
    What a beautiful blog you have here.. You have so much inspiration.

    Much Love, E

  3. Anonymous4/10/10 15:55

    That last photo... Freja?

    Hello. I've been reading this blog for a while--I must say it's my favorite! It's not everyday I see girls around my age having such excellent taste.

    Much love.

  4. What a wonderful blog... Very amaaaaazing ! :)



  5. I love reading both of your posts, they make my day!

  6. dream of life är filmen

  7. (in reply to your comment)

    thank you for the comment about the knitted shorts!
    Basically i just got long knitted leggings and cut them!, i've sent you a link below of some topshop ones, i've tryed to look for the grey ones but i dont think they are on there anymore, but the brown are cute!.
    hope this helped X

  8. men så braaa. varför har jag inte hittat den här bloggen tidigare?