circus mind thats running wild


i am in love with this.

i am in love with old acne. old acne. old. tomorrow is the summerhouse. two weeks. or, ten days. i will write a book while i am gone.

coffee and cigarettes.

i am home from italy. kåre+the cavemen in my ears, ugly new balance sneakers on my feet and italy at tanned skin and sunbleached hair. havent washed my hair for a week, but because of all the salt water, it doesn't feel greasy at all. i will post some italy/copehagenpictures soon. yesterday was a shitty day. right now i feel like the luckiest and happiest person. not overhappy, just in a kind of a harmony. don't know why, nothing specificly have happend..

se c'era qualcosa di sinistra della cultura in questi giorni, sarei stato a leggere giornali.

next seven days will be italyitalyitaly. today, i'll pack and try to find the mcqueen/h&m trousers. only fashionfashionfashion item i allow myself to buy. do anyone know where they have them in oslo? and do i always write about what i AM GOING TO Do, or is that just my mind that thinks so?


the summer weather makes me want to walk around forever. the breezy summer evenings. dont see the point about sleep. sleep!?! and all the smells. the smells the smells. reminds me of so much i just remember through the smells, not through happenings or pictures.

looks like i am back//changed my mind..

looks like the bunch of inspiration came to me the moment i closed the blog. welcome back to the blog emma.(even though i'll start blogging again, i have vacation and will be gone for quite a time. italy on saturday!) haha, this is very typical emma.. i change my mind when it comes to everything from food to style to the meaning of life.


it will maybe wake up again one day, but for today i think i have to say. this blog doesn't exist as more than old archives. bye

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i miss karin
i miss karin
i miss karin
i miss karin
i miss karin
i miss karin
i love karin
i miss karin
i miss karin
i miss karin

here my blog journey stop

pretty accent girl arabia

happy emma. i got a ticket for way out west in august. i am having karin here tomorrow morning. i have found the most fantastic book ever. and oh my gosh, it is july! happy emma. listen to this