i am in love with this.

i am in love with old acne. old acne. old. tomorrow is the summerhouse. two weeks. or, ten days. i will write a book while i am gone.


  1. Anonymous25/7/10 22:44

    Och vi får läsa den sedan hoppas jag!

    Jag håller med dig, acne har tappat stinget, det är samma snitt och modeller som återvinns i olika färger och material varje säsong. Kram!

  2. this is beautiful photography. i love the old acne as well. the simple pieces are the best :) have fun at your summerhouse! i'm looking forward to your book haha :)

  3. no wonder. the first photo is real beauty.
    have fun.

  4. thank you emma for ur sweet comment! means a lot ... i was worried at frist that it would turn out really bad when i switched blog but it feel ok now
    hope ur fine! i wish i had a summer house that i could go to

  5. gammelt acne er bedre end det nye ......

  6. den där sista bilden var riktigt vacker.