sometimes i feel like start wearing makeup, simply because i like the ritual of putting it on every morning. after washing your face, put on moisturizer, have a pouch with five or ten different things, in different colours and textures that makes you look different in different ways. i dont mean to hide behind the makeup, but you are covering something, you are putting someting on your skin that changes everything a little. even if its almost invisible, its there. i have to admit the part of makeup that tempts me the most, is the cases and packages they come in. or no, its not. its the ritual. standing in front of the bathroom mirror and change yourself a little, free to take it off whenever you want to. even though i bought a pretty expensive moisturizing cream this weekend, mainly because of the jar it was in, its just as much the thought about change. i like change. i like to study the colour of people's brows and lips, wonder if its natural or if it just looks natural. boys looking like wearing mascara when they dont. usually, people's natural colour is the most beautiful one, but lets say you put on makeup that makes you look like wearing no makeup, just a bit or slightly different from your basis. to me, its just as much about the thought of changing something looking good, its just that everyone automatically want to change to something prettier when they first choose to change. i like to put a shade of red lipstick under my eyes so it looks like ive been crying.

hangin' with emma aars

gråter til egyptian lover på badet tidlig om morgenen. løper når det er mørkt og skriver masse.

spist veldig mye pizza med kjøtt

lianne la havas synger forget. come closer come closer (foto en er min venn sunniva og min venn jakob fotografert av min venn mathias) terius nash synger form of flattery (bilde to er steven meisel i et gammalt vogue i en litt twin peaks/grey gardens/gummo-stil og det er jo fint ofc ofc) ruhbarb av boards of canada (bilde tre er pen dame med fint hår og skulpturuttrykk i acne paper for en stund tilbake. noen ganger kunne jeg ønske jeg så ut som en skulptur men det er heller et uttrykk, hvis man tenker over det.) i helga farget jeg håret litt rosa, jeg tok bilder på en strand, kjørte tog, hadde på meg fine klær og klumpete sko. skal sove tidlig hvem vil komme og ligge inntil meg litt

dette er bowie bowie

young boys and young girls fascinate me. i want to be one of the young girls with some boy inside who fascinate myself. im going to be one of the young humans who inspire myself. i turn of the light and listen to bela lugosis dead again and again. my brother is crying in the living room and i want a cigarette. just dont want to go out right now or make my room smell awful. why do i never fall in love with young boys? im making xmas mixtapes so if you want one i might send you want if you send me your adress first. its a cd. not a fucking list.

my favorite things

ballett. danced for a year. i always want to return. writing and reading about ballet once in a while because it makes me feel beautiful. reggis. my favorite thing. dilemma between want the gap between my teeth back or if i want braces. huge braces. apartemento. generally beautiful apartments. and people living in them. found the nicest apartment when googlin ugly apartment the other day. i ave this big thinking period about the self portrait zine im makin. because i want to finish it, but i know it never will be finished because finish to me means finish in mind and i will always be in change, but the same person. just dont know which of them or which way i will be on paper. will sneak a couple of samples into the shelves @ trondsmo bookshop. go n get one asa its "finished".

du er ikke medlem av noen grupper(sorry ass) hilsen utdanningsdirektoratet

ph jenny sinkaberg by lars botten in a persona i at least read this spring(still i dont know if it was released this spring or if i just read it then. remember it was at the weekend at tjøme where molly and i ate late breakfasts in the bed with mustard and yoghurt, reading, me taking my first of few swims in the sea of two thousand n eleven) i like the lightning. good lightning can be the most beautiful thing about a photo, remember that.

just wrote a short story about nausea in pink velvet chairs, running up five floors of stairs, puke on the roof. i think my teacher is going to hate it. :'(


i will turn everything into a guideline

women in love(2011)

påkledd dame om høsten
avkledd dame med gåsehud
påkledd dame om sommeren

money will ruin everything (2cd)

 egentlig en skikkelig dårlig cd. ph 1 is a beautiful boy but i cant seem to focus on his face, rather the background or the background and his face as one thing so i dont know if he really is beacutiful or if i just like the colours. ph 2 screencap from a helmut newton documentary i rented a couple of weeks ago when i skipped school and i kept it for so long the library gave me a 50kroner fee. (dont have the money for fees right now. if someone want to send me fifty kroners by mail as a welcome back-present for start bloggging again, i'll make a very nice post about it. the more money, the nicer the post will be. ps: no nudity. just naked shoulders) (the documentary was very nice. netwon seems like a very nice and calm man i would love to get to know. i like how he use so much of that strict, sexy, vulgar woman and helmut himself is a sweet old german.) ph 3 my favorite girl magdalena frackowiak by angelo pennetta against a red wall. i love the colours in this picture.
#1 crush fra romeo + juliet i stripete marcopolo-skjorte.
hvem vil være kjæresten min

skum i håre

ok jeg har en idé. jeg har "fri" i morgen og jeg vil gjøre noe fint. har så mange fine bilder i hodet, vil heller skrive om dem enn å bare skrive dem ned. har allerede skrevet dem ned, det var gjort i løpet av en sigg i vinduet klokka elleve i dag tidlig. jeg er så trøtt at jeg vil gråte nå. i morgen skal jeg jogge, vaske, skrive en ting, skrive en annen ting, skrive en tredje ting, pugge fransk. den tredje tingen er det jeg har mest lyst til å skrive, men som er minst viktig. eller, det kommer an på hvordan man ser på det. jeg kan se på en annen måte om jeg bestemmer meg for det.


 yes, i thought why not liksom