dette er bowie bowie

young boys and young girls fascinate me. i want to be one of the young girls with some boy inside who fascinate myself. im going to be one of the young humans who inspire myself. i turn of the light and listen to bela lugosis dead again and again. my brother is crying in the living room and i want a cigarette. just dont want to go out right now or make my room smell awful. why do i never fall in love with young boys? im making xmas mixtapes so if you want one i might send you want if you send me your adress first. its a cd. not a fucking list.


  1. i would love a mixtape-

  2. oh that would be a wonderful thing to receive

  3. i love xmas, could you send it? my email write to me if you can :)

  4. I would love a mixtape! I'm just gonna put the address here I don't even care;

    Fysikgrand 1D, 104
    90731 Umea

    Please send me one, if you can