ny fu

the O has this smiley face in it, and you just know by looking at it, how fucking crazy this
person is. - nate lowman




tired turns angry turns to the feeling of not belonging turns mad turns sad turns quite ok turns i laugh so i can't breathe
ph. unknown, nan goldin, unknown


 broken iphone, people, cought on the train without a ticket, vodkashots, gr†llgr†ll, cut in natt+dag, photograph, photographed, lost 5000, depression, happiness, cigarettes, tjøme, cyberspace-friends, stockholm, paint, good grades, salem, coffee, not fallen in love, expensive beauty products, david lynch, 100th bday, mika, amanda nørgaard, bleikøya, coke zero, black headband, quba, cheap wine, cheap lunch/mcdonalds, more people, greasy hair, nylon socks, vanilla yoghurt, poison lips, brown paper bags, dreamcrusher, getting a cold in the summer

i'm making mixtapes 4 all my friends

too tired to think but listen


three(ok, almost four) days left in school(if i dont count with the weekend) and it feels like the longest three days i can imagine. bought acne paper. will read acne paper.

thank you followers

i am halfway to 666


afternoon light two o clock marina and the diamonds oOoOO rmix

i wish my name was bo don

ph tekla.
i will sleep now.

breakfast room

photo frances benjamin johnston




 i am sitting at my bedroom floor in the most messy room with no indication of air
but i am alive
there's white roller blinds, covering big parts of the window, except for small gaps on each side. blue light. a glass of pencils with black, dried painting on the tip. i will read then i will paint then i will shower and then i'll go out in the snow.
screencap twin peaks by me

botanical garden



 scince its december today and i want to spend this cold month as some kind of good theraphy for myself, i will write a wishlist for the 24th
  • i want to travel
  • i want black cigarettes
  • i want lolita
  • i want plants. i will have them on my desk next to my typewriter. i never use my desk to something clever anyways.
  • i want shoes and a black coat
  • i want a new room
  • i want to learn how to make electronica
  • i want paper magazines
  • i want the dream-interpreting app for iphone
  • i want a cheap camera because i just bought two rolls of bw film for 20kr