scince its december today and i want to spend this cold month as some kind of good theraphy for myself, i will write a wishlist for the 24th
  • i want to travel
  • i want black cigarettes
  • i want lolita
  • i want plants. i will have them on my desk next to my typewriter. i never use my desk to something clever anyways.
  • i want shoes and a black coat
  • i want a new room
  • i want to learn how to make electronica
  • i want paper magazines
  • i want the dream-interpreting app for iphone
  • i want a cheap camera because i just bought two rolls of bw film for 20kr


  1. Anonymous1/12/10 12:38

    what is lolita ?
    And where will you find black cigarettes ? Black devils are black :)
    Too much questions sorry, but what shoes and coat do you want ?

  2. planter er fint

  3. ano: lolita is a novel by vladimir nabokov. i dont think they have black ciggs in oslo, besides exclusive shops for cigarettes and cigars etc. the coat should be black and long and warm, and she shoes should be like those i posted in one of my previous posts, the platform shoes(if you ask all these questions, so youll know what to buy me for xmas, its oki) x

  4. Anonymous2/12/10 18:23

    Haha, if you ask your parents to buy you cigs for christmas, they will be ok ? Or, you will buy them by yourself ?

  5. ano: no of course not! they are not ok with me smoking. (or, they know i smoke now and then, but they are not happy about it. they would never ever bought me any) i have a friend who'll go to berlin around xmas and buy some to me there. love.

  6. Lolita by Nabokov is my favorite book. Cheers!

    And I've heard the shoes in the previous post being called Givenchy-inspired platforms? They're flawless, love, amazing taste as always (really, black cigarettes!).

  7. Lovely wishlist here.
    Love the picture also.

  8. hello , where is this picture from? i like it so musch

  9. i want that you write more lists...

    "* i want lolita"

  10. oh.. iwant that on my wall. these boring white walls..

  11. I want a canvas like that on my wall, it's lovely!

  12. Loved this post- you are an inspiration!
    The last photo looks so cool!
    Follow my blog too http://www.amazedandconfused.com/
    xo Nina

  13. I really like your blog and the way you combine photos. You inspire me!