harpers bazaar+rick owens backstage

blows my mind of

Just want to cry
                    cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

i think she is good, indeed.

hopefull, i will go to stockholm next week, but nok i hate my family, and i don't think that is a good thing... these are josefina larsson


no, i am not talking celine. neither chloé. do anyone want a questionround, or is that stupid?


they're not THAT expensive, 50 $... but i am poor as a chicken! give them to me!

woke up this morning, with love in mind.

at my parents place, and it is so white here. makes me very inspired for the first time at a long, long time. i don't know what to write. i just want to write. or you can write to me? you can write to me.

edgy letter-extra virgin olive oil

i want to start dancing ballet. but i think i am too old, unfortunately. i danced when i was 6-7, and everyone said that i really had the ballet in my body, but i quit. don't understand why! now i want to dance again. be happy. have friends. go to stockholm. paris. write a novel/shortstory. i just got a shortstory back from my norwegian teacher, and she said she hadn't read anything better on a very long time. want to bring someone to my cold summerhouse and write. take a cold bath before the jellyfishes comes(jellyfishes! wiwi! nice word.) i hope you all are fine. homework about jesus, than new acne jeans!

take me to paris

this extreme spring-feeling.. it makes me wish... i demand a trip to paris- NOW!


look at my furjacket! fur-ish. love. lovelovelove. 100 nok.

shitty day

feel so naked

take me out

i don't know why i am sitting inside when it is sunny and i want to travel. see the world with me! take me out for coffee!



models in black

my favorties yulia and ali. and amanda is gorgeous too. i love ali.

as my muse

dip-doo dip-doo dip-doo. bam bam bam(all shoes are acne! baby, my favorites.)

i bet i can hit you

VERY long pause,then.......... i am having a good week for the first time at.... over a year?

i am boring

spotfiylists, the fashion spot, waiting for amaile darling to answer my messages(she's just as bad as i am when it comes to our cellphones..) and watching pictures from other peoples summers. i want summer- NOW! i did't think i wanted summer, but now, i do. so... i am boring.(by the way, karin- you playlist was magnificent!)

polaroido mexicana

vacation's over. boring.