foto joanna pallari

im turning myself to deamons

tjueniende november

jeg er ensom


saturday and i will meet molly and be a good girl and practice. english exam on monday. then i'm allowed to chew gum at school. cool.

what you want to wear

want to go to berlin or to london want to wear these want someone

three girls and a moon



mthw stn

jesus just told me about consequenses. five minutes past midnight. just when i was asking for him. to show. what he really is.
now i will go to bed. brush my teeth. clean my face. neutrogena or aveda. put on my pajamas. heart-dotted. then roll down the curtains. turn the lights off. maybe read till my eyes cant handle the world. before i turn the light off. then think. then sleep.


i want to make something ugly.

they said we have a ccccomunistttttt in the family

i need to do homework i need to do homework i need to do homework i need to do homework
i need black tights and better insulation
i had to wear a mask.


seems to me like you're just playing scared
yes, you know, i met him fifteen years ago, i was told there was nothing left.
no understanding
i'll check back in an hour
wolf howling

eating cold soup in the dark

beans and tomatoes and pasta and carrots and zuccini and celery and onion and bacon and herbs


suddenly feel so inspired. dont want to leave town.

kid, kidding, kidney

wear black velvet scarves, dragging along the floor
heavy perfume hanging as clouds underneath the roof. purple.
never-ending amounts of dark red painting flows down the walls, makes the people who arrive, believe they have seen to hell
EVERYONE! emma kicked me out <33333333 so i (karin) am moving to 

follow me ! follow emma ! follow us both !