saturday and i will meet molly and be a good girl and practice. english exam on monday. then i'm allowed to chew gum at school. cool.


  1. hey, love your blog :)
    just wondering, where do you find all your pictures? xx

  2. anonymous: thank you! x
    all over. i spend hours in bookshops and magazine shops, to read and notice names of pictures, artist, places, people, pieces etc. and i find a lot through flickr and tumblr, and blogs and pages through other pages. i have an archive on many hundred or thousad artist, and some of the pictures i take too.

  3. Anonymous1/12/10 00:41

    thanks! i would love to do that, but i just have no time :( it would be really cool if you put up a bunch of your favorite blogs or artists or whatever, I'd love to see :)