hugs n kisses to oslo, to all the people i know and to all of those i dont know. i dont know if i ever will be able to realise this actually happened. show love. share. take care of eachother.
får jeg ikke snart noen gratisprodukter å blogge om, slutter jeg å blogge.

dont be shy. get inside.

skriver på papir i steden. bitches.


26 frække kaniner

 my dad bought the newest acne paper and i read in it and wrote all the headlines at paper tissues. oh vanessa. picture one is vlada picture two is hot and cool magazine among many boring magazines except for the gentlewoman and fantastic man. i dont like shopping and i dont like fashion magazines no more. bores me. picture three is angelina. so many times i wish i had brown hair and could colour it blond. something special about that. hangup on danish bread with this plastic-italian "salad" with carrots and peas with honey mustard and cornichons.

riksmuseet for sånne gamle skulpturer

 biking around copenhagen
buy new trousers at røde kors
want birth of venus at my bedroom wall because my room is so small and the painting is enorme and that would be just perfff


 våkne tidlig av lyset og lese ferdig boka og skippe etterordene fra forfatteren. skrive litt, høre på musikk, slappe av, steame kald melk, gå rundt, spise lunch når de andre spiser frokost. i min lillebrors blå og hvitstripede skjorte. spise lunch med de andre når de spiser frokost. tenk om man egentlig sover om natta og lever på dagen mens drømmer om dagen og tenker om natta?