been up to festival fri- and saturday, very good ending of summer/start of fall. i am gonna miss summer but i aslo want all those home sitting neil young days that comes with the fall. like today. thought the day was a new born baby till emma told me she should eat dinner! mysterious time
photos of pictures in the worlds best magazine. kid's wear!

raning raning rains

made these a couple of weeks ago.

on way home from school
100 meters to the subway
from subway to house
100 m
hair glasses
jacket trousers 'n
älskar regn

x from k


å lære seg å like ting
å finne noe man virkelig ønsker seg og som utvikler seg til noe helt annet som du plutselig begynner å interessere deg for(fin rød kåpe turns ketchupprodusenter)
fortelle historier som var morsommere da du selv ble fortalt dem, så du legger på noe ekstra for å få dem til å bli interessante igjen
tegne øyne og late som de er dine
våkne og merke at du glemte å dra ned rullgardinen, så rommet er helt lyst
når man har grått seg ferdig og alt blir liksom så fint


H A P P Y - B - D A Y

one of these days mr postman natens sinnerman we are your friends jennifer ditt hår brinner i want you piece of my heart kino your song love is a beautiful thing firstful of love mon amour walk on the wild side wildcat fake forever steak for chicken . . . .

everything to you today!! all days! this is new york in a post.

(finally found out how the take that annoying date out of the pic)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x n e v e r e n d i n g f r o m Y O U R k a r i n


if there is any oslo-human-beings who reads this, meet me for birthdaycoffee pretty please.


tomorrow starts my 15th year. exited/not exited at all.

got my first gift today.

from elsalove. (had to open it. couldn't know if it was a letter/gift in my mailbox)

i feel so empty for inspiration.

have a closet full of nothing to wear.

a room full of creativity, for no reason. i can't cooperate with it right now.



(karin! take a fucking expensive flight to oslo tonight, sleep under my couch and suprise me tomorrow morning!)

shaved daddy

william kentridge
wlliam kentridge
wliam kentridge
wiam kentridge
wam kentridge
wm kentridge
w kentridge                                     !!! 


i like to take blurry pictures of myself. had a really really bad day today.


i'm karin. emma and i are very good friends living in different cities. she in oslo i in stockholm. i'm gonna start blög here. hope you will like it., i'm kind of a biginner. these are pictures of my messy desktop. enjoy!

back är bäst

wish i was taken to stockholm right now. for other reasons than fw too, but fw of course. would like to have this back bag i could staple on my wall and have stuff in. diry laundry. kiss

vidi vici veni

I AM SORRY! TOO MANY PICTURES! but this is just a few compared with all those i WANTED to post. AND i will get a guestblogger/neighbourblogger/friendblogger/blöggkompis from now on= K A R I N ! ! ! ! worlds best girl. she will try a bit of the sheepskin magazine with me. happy.

way out west. over and out.

home. tired. cut my hair.

gbg tomorrow!

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