break the spell

when time don't listen. you don't hear your own voice. you forget about it, and don't even try to remember. because you forget that you have forgotten.

le poetry

tretten etasjer
nærmere tretoppepler
jeg kan nesten ta

når luften skremmer
tør jeg ikke puste mer
og jeg forsvinner

som stillhet
det er stillhet
og nå stillheten vil

vi åpner alle vinduer
lad alle vindene kommer i
sætter os under tæpper
hviske, græde


i've been sitting at my dads laptop on the couch all day, doing nothing. just been out with my dog and listened to cat powers song  'lost someone' 24 times. i am so lazy. and i hate the winter. everything is just hate and nothing.



i write poems at norwegian and dansih. should i post them?

Nick and Craig #2

tell me something i didn't know!


an anonymous person wrote ths to me... if google translate is right, i am very greatful for these kinds of messages... what are you thinking about?

законодатель в области проведения и организации корпоративных вечеринок, свадеб, торжеств, шоу программ, музыкальных ыечеров.
В репертуаре группы Дежа вю около 3 тыс. песен.
Живой звук. Поп, хиты 70-80-90-х, диско, джаз, ретро, современная музыка, европейские хиты, фоновая музыка, шансон .
ВИА Дежа вю располагает мощной качественной аппаратурой, которая позволяет наполнить плотным и приятным уху звуком как небольшое помещение (фуршет), так и огромное помещение (корпоратив до тысячи человек).

(i  know it was kind of spam, but i really liked the text. it sounds so strange, that i like spam. hahaha)

black beauty

salesalesale! think i'll try to find some acne, cdg, margiela, apc or helmut lang. at least go to kemt, acne, freudian and henrik vibskov. and for the first time, i have the money too! (got this bank-letter yesterday, which said that i have 4800 nok at my card-account, plus a couple of hundred in cash. lucky!)

tomorrow says dead men on the streets. and i don't care!

i am going to steal these shoes from alice(i think(???)) because they are just perfect.(even if perfect belongs in my hate-words-list, these are just perfect.) homework kills


here is my (good) excuse, why it will be quite silent here for a while... maybe- i don't know. quite addicted to th blogging thing, though. tell me if it is something i should post more of/start to post, or other questions?

noseblood on paper

flickr is my fiancee
lonely painter-drink a case of you- still be on my feet- i'll be in the bar- living in a box of paints- love is touching souls- afraid of the devil- so bitter and so sweet. 

ole thomas' flickr

old archive

do you ever have the feeling of sitting in a room with all of your nearest, and still need someone to talk to? blindness


picking up my darling dog, mika today!