i write poems at norwegian and dansih. should i post them?


  1. Anonymous15/1/10 19:54

    yes, of course!

  2. danish, do you speak danish?! and yes holy christ you should.! x

  3. oh, but that´s very cool anyway. actually i´m a little bit danish, my grandpa´s father was super danish! haha. haha, i just thought bioteknik sounded like a very cool softish bransch!

    btw, i want to be friend with you at facebook but can´t find you!!!X

  4. hey darling
    are you speaking danish ???

  5. Haha, yep.. Not that fab - I was really bored... Yeah, I did that first, but my hands are so dry that the eyes looked more like black dots... Haha!

    Yeah, the weather is better here too, only -5, before it was like
    -20! They don'?! Well that's just mean. We're allowed to be inside during the breaks!

    I know! My bodies defence isn't that good... But this time it was because of this scratch on my foot...

    WOW! I speak a little danish too, since my stepgrandfather is danish, so we can communicate! Haha! :)


  6. i´m very much not religious. the holy church of the flying spagetthi monster sounds fun! and now i´ve added you!x!