watched l'argent went to the strange fête ate shot some photos with kamilla bought i love you magazine

to lay down (in the snow)

 i wish i wasnt that cold. wish my wolford stockings would last longer. wish i had made up my room today instead of spending time on ebay and music blogs. my mom has promised me flowers if i clean my room and find my keys. at least look for them. eaten watermelon and watched a swedish love story with mo.

sommerjobb som kurator og dj

 1:if i coloured my hair 2:the face. im gonna put on a white tank and clean my ears while they're still wet after a shower. he has such beautiful wrists. 3: the summary of the two first pictures and itself- orange+wet+clean+pale. what i want to do today.

våt i håre

det fine med eksamensperiodene er de dagene hvor jeg kan våkne og lese hundre sider skjønnlitterære bøker og spise frokost i senga, før jeg forflytter emg inn på foreldrene mine sitt rom og leser mer og hører på nrk p2s morgenkåseri og drikker presskannekaffe mens jeg sitter på tumblr eller tegner eller tar bilder av meg selv, så dusje og ebaye og hente ned vårjakker fra loftet og finne ut at klokka er tre. brb setter meg på liebling og leser hundre sider til med isabell allende og skriver novelle om ingen drar meg med på oslo-live-distortion-greia i kveld.

Nu vill jag bli kysst, sa Cecilia Lind

jeg og

ranunkler og regnluft i vinduet

 listening to gang gang dance, pusha t, razika, current 93, roxy music, the weekend(again), laurel halo, skylines, tyler the creator, the music from romeo and juliet. because i came up in norwegian as my final exam, i have a good excuse to read a lottt the next week. barely need to go to school, feels so good!

det nederste bildet er mitt favorittbild

blood orange and the newspaper. the my so-called life-jacket and someone walking on the roof on the opposite side of the street.

things i like: 3rd of may

 cleaned my room yesterday and cleared through big parts of my stuff and found so many things(for instance a small bible with golden pages and a barbie-suit that screams LSD and many small milk carton-shaped earsers and tons of papers and drawings and projects i had forgotten about.) maybe i should start to clear up my room more often.


 photo one is a woman with flowers on her head, looking like a woman from a movie, cant recall which movie. like a strict mother or grown up big sis. by julie lansom. photo two is my dear russian by gosha. photo three is from charmere. three tree.