she was playing a part i could understand.

finally got all the gigabytes with music and the gigagigabytes with photos over to my computer!! wihi! now it is only my firefox bookmarks left, do anyone know how you move them from one computer till another. please tell me then.

wish i was tall enough to read books. and just so you know, there isn't anything serious with this...


p i c t u r e s b y me- p h o t o g r a p h s i n b o o k by d u a n e m i c ha e l s

min mamma skal kjøpe meg nye bukser! jeg skirver nynorsktekst. jeg liker ikke nynorsk, men jeg liker teksten jeg har skrevet. jeg må gjøre fransk, og så skrive en sak om crosby, stills, nash & young. what a life. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. jeg har lyst på en venn som vil ta meg med på torpedo og lese bøker, så narvesen på nathionaltheateret og lese blader. så hjem.
my mom will buy me new pants soon! i am writing a new-norwegian text, and i hate the subject new norwegian, but i think the shortstory is very good, actually. now, i have to do some french, and write an essay about crosby, stills nash and young. what a life. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! i want a friend who wants to take me to topredo and for book-reading, then to narvesen at nathionaltheateret, to read mags. then home.

there will be rarely with updates the next days

because i just got my own, brand new mac. but i unfortunately don't have ANY of my 944898928913819018918938981289089012829089189++01231288213+8213+81289213890123891238 pictures. and my dad is visiting a garden in firenze, so it can take some time. but the ones who waits for something good, wait for something good!

jenny and aminata

the weight of my words


love them despite i am a 39, not a 37


my toast always gets burned---
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hurry up

just came home from highsociety flea marked, but because it was nearly closingtime on a sunday, there was almost nothing left. but i got a pair of gray/metal/black tights, shoes(waay too small, but i had to get them) loong, black dress and a sweater i don't see the point with. pictures later.

Cheeks with nutella

why do you never comment any more?! comments are fun, and they're never there any more! what should i post more of, what should i do different? COME ON THEN!


i realized i have used the same joggers for 4 years..

hands all over dusty ground

it is spring outside, and i spend my days going for long walks. my friends don't get the thing with 'walks', they actually don't get anything. ooh, oh, i wish i had long, long brown hair or long, long very blond hair, which could blow with the wind. black eyes make me blind for the gound, see the world as it should be seen once- a contrast.

so now, welcome back. even the sunn still press itself through my closed eyes as a bullet
out and buy yarn!

todays wishlist

i wish i looked like this today- somehow.. feel so filled of inspiration I DON't KNOW HOW; AND I DON't KNOW WHEN, BUT SUDDENLY I GOT A BIG PASSION FOR RED! -so strange.. i discussed it with olle yesterday(i think it was yesterday..) and didn't liked it so much then, and now, i love it. want a red coat. deep read, blood, or more burgunder- rouge noir.(SORRY FOR BIG MESSY POST! but isn't it that blogs are for, posting what you feel for?)