there will be rarely with updates the next days

because i just got my own, brand new mac. but i unfortunately don't have ANY of my 944898928913819018918938981289089012829089189++01231288213+8213+81289213890123891238 pictures. and my dad is visiting a garden in firenze, so it can take some time. but the ones who waits for something good, wait for something good!


  1. your own mac? thats awesome!! im happy for you

    i skipped school today...ah not good ....but something unreal happend today!! i'll tell you more next week when everything is clear :)

    love and good night x

  2. Anonymous27/4/10 01:32

    hey I just started reading your blog and I really love it, i'm following


  3. Anonymous27/4/10 01:49

    Oh,nice!and i love your blog.♥

  4. pretty interesting combo.

  5. i recognize the last picture! lost in translation, right? that is probably my all time favorite movie!