i'm bulding with my dad!!

and... i do really like commmmmments !

Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it (OHH OH)
Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake it (OHH OH)
Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture, shake it, shake it
Shh you got to, shake it, shh shake it, shake it, got to shake it
(Shake it Suga') shake it like a Poloroid Picture click

emma's in spain, back in a week. we'll miss you -----------

pocket espresso to go


how to: express my mood

to express myself through visualism and sounds, makes me feel better.
i don't mean good, but better.
like today
paint my faces.
this music this music(click) and this music(click) plus the pictures together. oh i dont like this. i like it, but not to be like this.

i googled insomnia and delirium

feel hopeless and scared

and here comes the days when i just want to cancel all appointments and sit isnide myself in that messy, darg fog.

the thing that was not allowed to happen happened

 WTF.????????????????????????????????????? there are NO excuses. those 5.7 % of sweden's population that voted for racism can just fuck them selfs for the rest of their everything. this is not ok this is not ok this is not ok. 

no racists on our streets    

  +in my opinion the whole election was a disaster

acne paper

i fell asleep at the floor yesterday with matthew stone at repeat throught the night. no wonder why i woke up with a wondeful feeling seven in the morning

Silence is dry; sound is wet.
Volume is the mass of sound. 
In silence you can hear people think, but only when their bodies stop making noises.  But who cares what people think?  The noises their bodies make are more interesting anyways.

Listen to your body.  Talk to plants.  Ignore people.

a brown-gray paper box filled with papers

homework is unnecessary the thursday you get a 6 in sience. uploading a video to vimeo. i am nicer than the depressed murder of a still art project i look like in the video which is tweny minutes away from the pubilicity. invite me for dinner pretty please. xx emma

another world -

my room is in it's best mode today, neither messy or clean x karin !

love and sex and magic. well

 bold eyebrows. and stuff. dye and cut my hair. buy new shoes. smoke in a strangers garden.
de savoir, il est plus facile à comprendre, mais sans comprendre qu'il est plus facile à vivre

 xx emma !!

jesus was a cross maker

a good pair of boots
beefier models
quilted fabrics
stone island's shadow project
winter staycations
a return of fleece
post-ironic logos.

pretty faces


i am bored of sickness. i am sick of boredom. everyone, tell me something fun!

emma, the girl on my arm is made with the indian kajal!



 shadows has to be the most beautiful thing in the world. or not?