26 frække kaniner

 my dad bought the newest acne paper and i read in it and wrote all the headlines at paper tissues. oh vanessa. picture one is vlada picture two is hot and cool magazine among many boring magazines except for the gentlewoman and fantastic man. i dont like shopping and i dont like fashion magazines no more. bores me. picture three is angelina. so many times i wish i had brown hair and could colour it blond. something special about that. hangup on danish bread with this plastic-italian "salad" with carrots and peas with honey mustard and cornichons.


  1. Anonymous14/7/11 20:40

    some fashion mags are boring, but some are really good (gentleW, Acne, ENCENS, A MAGAZINE, GREY)
    I need them, i support them strongly when i see all those fucking ugly fashion blogs...hey bitchs! you're not Venetia Scott nor Diane Arbus.
    Zahm said "A mort les fashion blogs"

  2. i'm kinda tired at fashion magazines too. just because all the "have to have" and trends and shit disturb my inspiration.

  3. so great to have a dad who buys acne mag!

    i agree with the first comment.
    i'm not specially fan of OZ, but yes he's right "kill all fashion blog"

    long life to your blog...a REAL identity