kid, kidding, kidney

wear black velvet scarves, dragging along the floor
heavy perfume hanging as clouds underneath the roof. purple.
never-ending amounts of dark red painting flows down the walls, makes the people who arrive, believe they have seen to hell


  1. your blog inspires me!
    well done

  2. What is the source of the last image (that is, which movie is it from, etc).

    Velvet scarves or knitted scarves, I wonder. Perhaps knits have been around far too long.

    For perfume, what kind of scents do you enjoy?

    The mood of your blog never disappoints one bit. I look forward to new posts every day the second I open my eyes -- bravo!

  3. feels like i'm gonna be dressed all in white today. love that last picture

  4. imago: question one: i dont know. question two: i meant velvet, but not because its fashion. question three: byredo blanche and comme des garcons 3. thank you xx