take me out

i don't know why i am sitting inside when it is sunny and i want to travel. see the world with me! take me out for coffee!


  1. Oh my, that is Rose to the left! COOL !
    She is the most beauftiful girl i have ever know!
    Check her facebook out, ahhaha
    Have a nice weekend Emma,
    Over and out

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  3. Auu, thank you so much your sweet girl!
    I am very very glad to hear that you like my blog, so happy! Sometimes i am thinking about, if i have too many colors on it? but i dont know, im gonna find out.
    But, i dont know if i understandet what you were mean. I have bloglovin, but i can't found out how to do it, haha :) Buut, maybe i could add you on facebook instead ? If you want to ? but i think that it could be great! My name is Sophie Linnemann, and if you want to, can you add me....
    But here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=786978311&ref=ts
    Amanda's facebook is open to, ahaha :D I think that it is very fun to watch facebook profiles! but, i am also a computer-geek... :)
    But yeeeeeah! I would love to own her hair! It is sooo beautiful, and exacly what i am dreaming about!

    XXXXXX <3

  4. i'd like to see the world also, very much actually!

  5. same same here.. xx good morning love!

  6. i love this image. so pleased to have found your blog - you have filled it with so much inspiration!

  7. Anonymous14/3/10 13:33

    thank you:)your blog cool!!!!

  8. Anonymous25/4/10 14:28

    Amanda looks really nice there. By the way - your blog rocks ;)

  9. I love Amanda, but both Nicoline and Rose are gorgous!
    Came over your blog today, btw, and it looks really good!