money will ruin everything (2cd)

 egentlig en skikkelig dårlig cd. ph 1 is a beautiful boy but i cant seem to focus on his face, rather the background or the background and his face as one thing so i dont know if he really is beacutiful or if i just like the colours. ph 2 screencap from a helmut newton documentary i rented a couple of weeks ago when i skipped school and i kept it for so long the library gave me a 50kroner fee. (dont have the money for fees right now. if someone want to send me fifty kroners by mail as a welcome back-present for start bloggging again, i'll make a very nice post about it. the more money, the nicer the post will be. ps: no nudity. just naked shoulders) (the documentary was very nice. netwon seems like a very nice and calm man i would love to get to know. i like how he use so much of that strict, sexy, vulgar woman and helmut himself is a sweet old german.) ph 3 my favorite girl magdalena frackowiak by angelo pennetta against a red wall. i love the colours in this picture.


  1. Anonymous7/11/11 13:12

    welcome back, you've been missed.

  2. Anonymous7/11/11 15:43

    beautiful magdalena, she's my favourite too

  3. magdalena is so perfect -Bianca