og du dør så langsomt at du tror du lever

i am not going to tell you about each of the moths during the year, as many other bloggers do. i don't want to be a hyped blogger. it is just fun with readers, but not that one which is on everyones lips. anyway, my year has been too personal. and i am glad the year is over. it was like a black breath. even though that black breath has been such an obstacle for me, i've been attracted by the dark too. what i was supposed to hide from, was the thing that obsessed me most, and found comfort and confidence in. now, unlike last march, i don't want to start it all over again. but i want things to be better. i still have the same interests, but with a new wiew. marc jacobs was replaced by ann demeulemeester. thoughts about life was replaced by the philosophy about life. the 'perfect'(don't like that word, but use it anyway) was replaced by everything that not fits in, and need a place somewhere.

avedon was replaced by duane michals.



  1. im also glad that 2009 is over!

  2. love this picture of you btw

  3. oh! like this picture, youre face, books ect... :D !

  4. oh emma i did not knew that you were so poetic.
    I am glad on your behalf that 2009 is over, hope that 2010 will be better!
    xx sophie