lately, a lot of people have suggested that i should do modeling. people on the blog, friends and people stops me at the street once in a while. i appreciate it a lot, but i am so unsure. i don't feel comfortable with my self, and i am so unsure about everything i do. except for the "remove-my-perfectionism-part". i hate being a perfectionist, it takes from me the opportunity be creative at all the places i need to be creative. it is like a disease. my life is a white sheet with ruler-lines and compass-sircles. and i hate it.
butbutbut... when i take pictures of my self, i never like them. and my blog is just crap. i just post things for the posts sake, not because i am inspired or want to post anything with real quality. that's what i want. help me, somehow.
update: i din't come to the point. you know, sometimes you just write, and you don't know what you write. this post wasn't acutally meant to be mainly about modeling- more about my insecure(right word?) and how i was planning to express more of my life at the blog, but it just became... not very me... it is me. dark, white, clean, minimalistic, enclosed, try to upen up for other people, but ending up being just as shy as i was. i did\t get to express me right this time, either, but i think this is better. and it isn't about the modeling. that is just a factor.


  1. i don't feel comfortable with myself i know the feelig
    but i think your the most cutest creature alive, but you should do what's best for you
    (but if you attend paris fashion week, don't hesitate to call me!! im going with you not kidding)

    take care emma<3

  2. emma, there is so much I want to say, but as i said my english sucks.. and I really understand. look like a model is something everybody want, but being one is an other thing... it´s a job.

    your blog is not crap!


  3. there's no reason for you to have such bad self-confidence! if you wouldn't feel comfortable modelling, you shouldn't do it. cause the truth is it can be tough at times. but if you would like to try it, maybe in the future (you're still young, you've got the looks.

    that's all i wanted to say.

  4. Hi, Emma! You have got nice appearance! But I can not say to you smth because it is your choise! I wish you right decision! :)