a short movie by kenneth anger for missoni aw 2011

now i am back after some days off because i can't stand this stupid blog and even though im so satisfied with my life at the moment i am the opposite with my self  and all kinds of makings of me all the time makes me tired and constructive


  1. Anonymous25/1/11 16:46

    could you tell me where the second image came from?

  2. Anonymous25/1/11 16:58

    I love your posts. I love that you're kind of describing exactly how I feel.

  3. your posts are raw and real. one of my fave blogs actually :)

  4. Anonymous9/2/11 15:55

    don't be depressed. there are more people out here who feels just like you. I guess some of them are even worse than you. you seem so cool and there's probably a lot of people admiering you