espoinage vomit etc

a notebook and fake money and noseblood paper and a pencil case and a black plastic bag and a green and a h&m plastic bag and some broken sunglasses and a gluestick and a empty mini-carrot bag and a handcream and olympus mju II and my makeup pouch and a dark lipstick outside the makeup pouch and wallet and keys with a snakeskin key chain and moderna matches and a wool sock and a pencil and pen and eyeshadow in brown and black and nude in a metal case and mcdonalds black pepper and a tree spoon and gum paper and my iphone and receipts for h&m and the grocery store and the wine store and the book shop and weekday.


  1. Anonymous29/1/11 13:42

    you said you didnt wear make up :) Did you begin to use some ??
    Please, can you tell me if you have designer clothes or bags ect ? You have a really great blog

  2. kom till stockholm nu..........................

  3. Anonymous31/1/11 13:05

    why don't you never answer comments ? We are your followers, and we wait for answers, otherwise, it sucks.

  4. anonymous: lol i rarely get questions and the ones u asked(i assume you asked those in the first comment?) weren't actually important questions i guess. but ok:

    no the eyeshadow was for a photoshoot and i have a lipstick in my bag but rarely use it and there is a pack of ciggs and a hand cream in my makeup pouch.

    i have some designer clothes.


  5. Anonymous31/1/11 18:48

    they are important for us, yes i was the first anon !
    thanks though