i love

 i'm obsessed with smells, what the different, all of the smells do to you, how they affect you. it takes so much space- physically and mental. your memory is buildt on how different things and people smell. we fall in love with peoples necks, not their eyes. maybe we dont fall in love with personalities. that it's possible we could inhale light blue og green, transparent liquid all day from a small bottle with a cap made of plastic or metal or glass or bone. and still feel the same as we do to those around us. i dont know about my loving any more.


  1. Anonymous6/3/11 13:40

    who is this man ?

  2. no i'm just thinking.
    read the perfume by patrick suskind
    talk to my friend s

  3. Anonymous6/3/11 18:12

    Oh, interesting, and this boy on the picture ?

  4. i like the feeling that the light gives to these pictures

    i'm in england right now and everytime i travel i get obsessed with smells. each country smells different, each one has a different "general smell" if you know what i mean.

    and also i love the smell of backs and necks

  5. jeg hadde helt glemt bloggen din. kom på den i dag og angret meg.

  6. mente bare at bloggen din er så bra!