i have this long-sleeve, black, elastic. very basic, nothing expensive or particulary nice. two for the price of one-idea. i remember buying both because the fabic was so comfortable, but now i only use them at the gym. or, im not sure if i still have both of them, or just one. its hard to know, because theyre identical, but i dont use them that often- i should know if i have one or two. especially because i just cleaned up my closet. i think i will but in both of them. at the first, i'll remove the shoulders, so its more like a sweater that starts with a horizontal line(almost) just over my breasts. i dont know how it will be kept from falling down all the time, but its quite tights so i guess it will be ok. and with the second one, ill remove the back, at least down to the bra. like the last picture. then i dont have any gym-sweater. nevermind.

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  1. Anonymous23/3/11 22:15

    second image is from skins!