wish i had pretty feet

in one way, i get so optimistic and happy when its sun and more springy and light. i find myself sitting on my light-wood bedroom floor, six o clock, barefoot in jeans and a red sweater. its still light, that light summer light even though it isnt summer at all, but im barefoot and thats good enough for me. listening to cat power. i havent listened to her scince the night i couldnt fall asleep in copenhagen last summer. was lying in novas bed, the white sheets, listened to willie deadwilder, that 20 mins long song with the video in the woods. maybe i should do that, stand in the woods, play guitar, the two songs i can recall, or just play nothing but still make sounds. film myself. you know im working on this self portrait.
ph 1 i think thats enisas foot and 2 kärleksdöden ph 3 jewelry


  1. I also wish that I had pretty feet. But, does it really exist?

  2. and if you are the prettiest person of the whole world, you would thinkthat you're so boring. if you want, you could find a mistake. everytime. so be unperfect. have a great character. that#s important!

  3. Anonymous31/3/11 16:50

    you have like the prettiest feet in the world!