jeg vet ikke

ph a screencap from a scanned casette cover but i dont remember which casette, i only liked the photo because of the texture and the girl and her look and the outlet in the wall which looks like is over her shoulder, but i actually think its far down, closer to the floor.
WHAT IS COLOUR ?An intensity, a temperature, a clash, a harmony.AND HOW DO YOU USE IT ? When it asks. WHAT IS BLACK ? An absence, a presence, a mood, a mantle. WHAT IS RED ? A blush, a flush, a fever, a command. WHAT IS SKIN ? A protection. WHAT IS FABRIC ? A medium. WHAT IS TEXTURE ? A result of time. WHAT IS CONSTRUCTION ? A means to an end. WHAT IS FUNCTION ? A reply to a need. WHAT IS ART ? A need to reply. WHAT IS CRAFTSMANSHIP ? A fruit of time. WHAT IS CLOTHING ? The final layer. WHAT IS FASHION ? A series of propositions. WHAT IS RECYCLING ? Another chance. HOW DOES RECYCLING FIT INTO YOUR WORK ?By nature. HOW DOES A CONCEPT DEVELOP AT MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA ? Time, another question, another reply. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DEVELOP ? BESIDES CLOTHING ? An understanding. WHAT WORDS DO YOU LIVE BY ? We.

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