jesus is in the garden

picture one: right now, all i have is a light bulb hanging from my ceiling, but i am fine with that. like that clean and white minimalism when my room is so over-filled with clothing and books and things, things i dont have the heart to throw away or give away. i love houses which is filled over the top tith things, old ladies living alone with cats and plants and men who have sitten inside or in their gardens, reading all their life. know all books, authours, lines, chapters, happenings, references. men with two life, or where fictitious lifes or other peoples lifes is making their own life. hemmingway and sophie call and tricia jones and isabel allende is you. somehow. my room is just messy. picture two: what i will wear this summer part one. picture three: my latest and biggest girlcrush/inspiration, alice goddard. makes me want to start to use nailpolish which looks like watermelons and wear black one day, leopard the other day and babypink skirts with boots and transparent tops. and colour my hair ofc.
london tomorrow


  1. Anonymous16/4/11 12:33

    I just love <3
    both, of course

  2. I really like ur dress =)

  3. really like the glitter thing

  4. Anonymous17/4/11 09:30

    the top looks amazing, so 90s!

  5. I've learned to throw things away, but damn it was hard you I love your blog !

  6. this is weird. i know alice, she's even going to be in my class at central saint martins next year.

    ( i like your blog )