crazy cats mugs and eggs

my breakfast the last days: toasted/burned bread with hummus and pepper or st. dalfours raspberry jam + what feels like the only natural yoghurt in the uk which is close to the norwegian one (neither mega fat free nor cream fraiche) + juice + my dads coffee + a couple tescos huge cherry-tomatoes + a cup of english tea(without all the sugar and milk uggh) + a sclice of avocado + a small piece of nut-chocolate.

when traveling, i always feel for changing my lifestyle, or, more become more aware of my routines, how i execute different things, do them in a more well thought through. wish i could go to bed early a couple of days a week, to wake up early, take a bath and eat breakfast in the backyard.


  1. st dalfour apricot is my favorite!!

  2. Anonymous25/4/11 00:25

    i meant that you deactivated your formspring account