i want to close down this stupidly boring blog, but at the same time, i won't.


summerhouse tomorrow, i love my summerhouse.


it's summer holiday now, and this is how i want to spend it. with friends, with family, with poeple i dont know. people i soon will learn to know. red wine and cigarettes in a small cottage near the water. analogue cameras(without this fisheye crap. fuck ) you dont know how the pictures will end up. you can't delet them while you take them. you cant take so many pictures. there is no memory card to fill. there is 30 pictures. 30 waiting secrets.

in my luggage i will have 4 thick, knitted sweaters, 4 undies the polkadot man pantie from acne(which i use as a shorts) 4 tees and a bra. a thoothbrush and a pillow. someone have a boat and a ipod speaker, and then we are good. we dont know how long we'll stay or how many people who will come, but that isn't important at all.

want to sit at the german. a place in norway. along the coast. feel the wind. the salt. sit there with someone. pretend i have my best friend next to me. smell my shirt. smell byredo blanche. sing for myself. think so much. feel so happy. not redbull happy, but relaxed and nice.

i want a boyfriend. someone with good taste in music and good style in clohtes. nice hair and beatutful voice. mail me if you exist within one hour radius. help me make my summer.

oh! what a lovely tour

kill a man for his giro today


inspirationempty and vacation-ready. happysummer. back on monday


"this was always meant to be a shitty time"-emma thompson


making something for my karin. probably(almost yes) going to her summerplace in two weeks! will stay there in 4 days and walk along the coast, eat and read kurt. sleep in lala. god to tests/exams/schoolthings back today with went right down and up again. assumed to my english teacher, my grammar has turned into quite a hell. wondering how. maybe becuause i don't care that much any more and we had to write that dumb test on a computer. write way too many wrong scentences on the computer.


giraffes and a camera through the fences

30 minutes before midnight

my blog is no longer a "try to find nice pictures blog and put them together in a perfect combination." now i's my computer library on the internet. want to go to paris+australia+stockholm+amsterdam+african jungle


i am lying on my bedroom floor, in the dark, listening to classical music. i am happy. feel good. i feel so fit in and well.click here


i can tell you it is summer when i want to wear head to toe light colors.

botanical garden

favorite ed

i will put up all of the stuff in my room obliquely so it will feel like i live in another dimension. i will se everything differently, everyhting will look tilted. whn you walk into my room, you will get another view on the word room. decrotaion. life. language.

the history and she shellfish

my hands isn't blue. there isn't more than a week left of school. i don't need to do anyhting today but do yoga. i doesn't like dried fruit. i don't feel full of spirit and i don't have a life filled with friends and popularity. i am not alone. there will not be a long time till an interesting post.

frick and black again

we're only making plans for nigel. tips me about nice music and nice tumblrs, kind, lovely 110 readers.