it's summer holiday now, and this is how i want to spend it. with friends, with family, with poeple i dont know. people i soon will learn to know. red wine and cigarettes in a small cottage near the water. analogue cameras(without this fisheye crap. fuck ) you dont know how the pictures will end up. you can't delet them while you take them. you cant take so many pictures. there is no memory card to fill. there is 30 pictures. 30 waiting secrets.

in my luggage i will have 4 thick, knitted sweaters, 4 undies the polkadot man pantie from acne(which i use as a shorts) 4 tees and a bra. a thoothbrush and a pillow. someone have a boat and a ipod speaker, and then we are good. we dont know how long we'll stay or how many people who will come, but that isn't important at all.

want to sit at the german. a place in norway. along the coast. feel the wind. the salt. sit there with someone. pretend i have my best friend next to me. smell my shirt. smell byredo blanche. sing for myself. think so much. feel so happy. not redbull happy, but relaxed and nice.

i want a boyfriend. someone with good taste in music and good style in clohtes. nice hair and beatutful voice. mail me if you exist within one hour radius. help me make my summer.


  1. Anonymous23/6/10 00:22

    I'd like to help you, but do not know how.
    I'm looking for him too. maybe just like that.
    if you find one more, send me an email to me. thank you.
    very nice post, however.

  2. Emma we will meet, I promise. Somewere somehow. I want you.

  3. thank you my dear. i love your choice of photographs. gorgeous blog xxxxx

  4. Those photos or collage or whatever you can call it looks awesome!

  5. how perfect that would be