making something for my karin. probably(almost yes) going to her summerplace in two weeks! will stay there in 4 days and walk along the coast, eat and read kurt. sleep in lala. god to tests/exams/schoolthings back today with went right down and up again. assumed to my english teacher, my grammar has turned into quite a hell. wondering how. maybe becuause i don't care that much any more and we had to write that dumb test on a computer. write way too many wrong scentences on the computer.


  1. sweet that you've become so close friends! makes me happy, don't know why
    lovely photos as always..

  2. Really, really, really like your blog !
    And photos of course!

  3. oh FINALLY! a blog with a refreshing point of view! i found you on bloglovin, gonna follow you! i am on there too.

  4. Amazing photos!!! I love the camera!

    xx T

    feel free to stop by sometime!