ska ja kittla dig på ryggen?

 i think i dreamt that i sat my alarm clock to wake me up at 0635, but i was a bit unsure whether i had chosen 0635 or 0700, because when i chose 0635 i have more time in the morning to for example do sudoku or read or make porridge or omelette and still be able to eat before the rest of the family wake up. at seven i have a little less time, since the rest of the family also set their alarm clocks to 0700, but rarely get out of bed before 0730, so i have some time for myself in the mornings anyway. today i wake up at 0738 (i know that because i looked at the time at my cell as soon as i awoke. i always sleep very deep and wake up very abruptly, which means i rarely have problems with getting up in the morning) and checked if the alarm had rung but it hadnt. i checked twice to be sure. i made oatmeal porridge with flaxseeds, honey, salt, almonds and apricot. put on a half-transparent, black long-sleeve and a half-transparent, black bra with a cross on the back, which you have to put on/take off by dragging it over your head because it isnt any clip on the back. i put on my blue, half-baggy jeans and my apc/adidas sneakers (all this after i had taken a shower and used a cotton stick to clean my ears and put on my contact lenses) and a lab coat i stole from the sience lab at my school. its a bit dirty on the pockets but i dont bother try to clean it because the dirty spots doesnt bother me. coco platina titan total in a sofa in a cafe. pre-started the summer vacation (writing applications for different things im going to spend my next years doing in different ways in one way or another)


  1. applications for? i'm curious! you don't have a tumblr anymore do you emma? sometimes i think we're swimming in the same tidal wave or something because you always seem to post certain pictures or write about a persona just after they've had an inspirational impact on me. like david hockney's lithographic pool sketches, which i've never encountered before i randomly picked up an unknown swedish art collectors biography a few days ago. or maybe i'm just uneducated, i don't know. anyways keepondelivirin' :)

  2. Anonymous14/6/12 22:40

    post a picture of your outfit?

  3. helena:

    job+school applications. i dont like tumblr any more at all. its hard to explain with so few words, but as i just aswered to why i dont like it: "i think its fucking up peoples heads, makes us very little critical to everything we see. we make things lose its value, and i think(or know) many people loose their perspective on whats valuable in their lives. i also think its scary how easy it is to share things there with everyone, and then lose control of it. some of my private fb-pictures have ended up there and are impossible to delete when they got 100rds of notes. (a private photo of elsa, molly and me, got 1500 notes. thats intimidating)"

    it is nice to hear about our same wave, makes me happy. i watched blue planet (bbc-program) last friday night, and fell asleep at 2300 because of the sound of the waves. listen to the song the sound of waves by mick karn to. beaches are my favorite object these days- to write about, think about.

    anon: im sorry, im not an outfit-blogger. but im only wearing jeans+sweaters anyway.

  4. Anonymous15/6/12 11:27

    ha, gets me back to my point about the same tidal wave .. about tumblr, i deleted it last night, and now this morning reading this, reasons why i did it. i tell myself, tumblr is practical, easier posting etc, etc. and therefor takes up less of my time. delusional bullshit, i always give tumblr two months or so, then i always return to blogspot, i should just keep to it from now on. also btw, sweet that you're posting again, if so only a few sentences from time to time. except for editorial/online magazines, for some reason yours is pretty much the only one that i don't delete from my rss feed.