summer vacation.

2lazy2get a pass 4 oslo live
will go out. make a dream catcher. get drunk. watch the sun.
pre-started my summervacation at maja+josteins yesterday. now im here for real.
longest day of the year. yesterday. musikkliste.


  1. vil du møtes til en kaffe.

  2. Anonymous24/6/11 19:42

    girl interrupted, i like this film
    how are you? :)

  3. sara: hvorfor ikke?:)

    alexandra: i am very very fine, thanks. i mean it, my last weeks have been wonderful. now im sitting in my bed, eating juicy nectarins and listening to 50cent and judee sill. its 930am and i've all ready been out for a walk. first day in (what feels like) a year without rain, but i like both.