eniko mihalik

ok, someone has been very very courious about my last weeks in school, and even if i try to explain, it seems impossible to you to get? ok, its actaully as easy as i'm done with all exams(i was done in may, almost a month remaining. eh) and all the curriculum, but still the "norwegian school system" isn't allowed to give us summer vacation before the 22nd, so the last weeks we'll just walk around at school, doing nothing. (the math teachers are an exception. "you ca always learn") yesterday we watched a danish movie about drugs and went home early. my teacher has even told us he probably will send us downtown to eat macdonalds if we want to. ok.


  1. That's a weird system, but oh well, mcdonalds isn't too bad haha. What are you going to study after school?

  2. ugh this! her om dagen hadde vi førti minutter skole, hvor vi fikk kake og snakka om hva vi skal gjøre neste år. var ferdig på skolen 8.40 liksom.