sipping white russian in a white turtle neck

its something about the spring which has appeard in oslo the last week. so suddenly. i like that, when i feel the difference between two situations, when the gap is big, but it still switch from one to the other in a moment. i guess this makes me more aware of everything around me, because right now i want to change my life. not because im particulary unsatisfied with the one i have, i just want to do new things, like give myself a new start, just for fun. right now, i've moved out of my bed, im sleeping on my bedroom floor. i'll avoid curtains, want to go to bed early and wake up with the sun(or, thats a dilemma: i also want to spend all my time outside, not prioritize sleep, but still...) and as my dearest karin said "you dream more without curtains." i hope thats true, i remember my dreams so rarely. things feel so good now. i have two exams the two next days, and to read litterature can be my only practice(almost) so i'll read short stories by frode grytten and anaïs nin and ernest hemmingway and flip through my favorite book asher lev and my easter vaction starts on friday, so before i'm off to london on the sunday(wuh!) i want to have some kind of dinner with my friends where we make white fish and lentils in yoghurt and vanilla ice cream and white russian for dessert. white, like now. wrapped in white sheets and a white polo on my bed/floor with music and so much whipped milk and bubble gum i think i can puke anytime but im too happy for that. white is so clean, still so feminine. want to become more feminine. wear dresses and sneakers and hoodies and the thin braids my hair is full of these days. listen to david crosby and theophilus london and the weeknd. i dont think i want a boyfriend. i just want a boy. song number one song number two song number three

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