striped paper

i want to write a book. so badly! not a novel, or it could be, but just a book. containing words. i want to be that kind of person(as my friend, bendik) who can read while you are walking, eating, almost sleeping. i am not.

!!! emma


  1. we are too alike!! or what.. i just posted that first ph cr3ppy........

    can't sleep

  2. i can't either! i need to be very concentrated and relaxed

  3. Before the summerbreak I walked to school, then i read while i was walking. But now I take my bike to school.
    And I think you really should write a book!

  4. i want and think you should write a booooook! everything you writes is perfect<3 it's like you just have to watch the words and they gets magical. haha! sounds silly but it's true!!! (sounded even more silly)

    from your self/the kkk that took your baby away -->