what i love

i love supermarkeds aboard+fluffy shampoohair+woody allen+summerbreeze+saltwater in hair+black+buns and cakes+raspberries+platform shoes+photobooth+karin+elsa+painting+nature+long conversations with interesting people/grownups+draw+apartemento magazine+oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit and honey+giraffes+icecreamcar+old books+french+playing cards+reciving post+rick owens+doves+picasso+long walks+afternoons+mika(my dog)+travel+get dejavu+feel a specific temprature or smell that reminds you more of a person or place than pictures and memories+pete doherty+hired gun preformed by pete+ann demeulemeester summer coleections+champagne+marie antionette+black cats+the dreamers+lost in translation+vietnam+my nickname bubba+say something smart+chubby dogs+soapbubbles+things that make me smile+homemade, sour marmelade/jam+old cars+beatles by lars saabye christensen+wide pants+big glasses(not that much sunnies)+beautiful things+late maydays+sitting at the rooftop at the architecture school+american apparels undies with scrunch in the ass+youghurt+my summerplace in the summer+boattrips+ballet+good and inspiring exibithions+classic things like bestlite lamps and vitra chairs+meat+comme des carcons 3 and byredo blanche+concerts+b&wpictures+patti smith+models+the fashion spot+people with funny laugh+people who drink coffee+long hair+be in love+tall people+the african, big flower+karen blixen+morrotssoppa+italy+audrey hepbrun in breakfast at tiffanys(my rolemodel because of her style and supermessy life!!!)+dance+good parties+pretty boys+make food+yoga+people who says hi to me on the street+run withouth getting out of breath+good notes+parts of my life+making these kinds of lists+the oslofjord+the thought of getting an own appartment in just a couple of years+white+aveda shampoo and its smell+ having money+ spend money+the name bob


  1. Anonymous19/5/10 20:04

    i like you more than anything on the list!


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you love :) !