greasy hair+too many pears in my stomach+facebook+miike snow+neil young+massimo leardini(<3)+drawing and wring books+sometwhere in the middle of idontknow


  1. my hair is greasy aswell huh.... watching that's 70s show and eating my fruit/nut bread that i baked yeasterday - it's actually norwegian..... my mom talk about some fruit/nut bread that she ate when she was little (when she lived in norway) i decided to make something alike and i succeded! its supersweet and tasty, i ate it together with butter and my favorite norwegain creamed whey cheese called Gudbrandsdalen, i love it!

  2. beautiful pictures :)
    love your blog by the way

  3. I love the first picture!

  4. how can you not like the cheese, im addicted to it, yes its like a brown cow and goat cheese. ph of it here

    the funny thing is that i hate dry fruits like dry apricot, figs and rasins but when i mashed it in the bread it turned out really good! im still choked that i liked it hehe

    yes i have lots of relatives in norway but my whole family is messed up, can't expain over internet .. or in reality almost. its a lot of bad things :/

    oh i love dinnerparties (i must sound like a old lady but im very precocious and ive always been)
    i actually never tasted rhubarb cake before but it looks good!
    oh potatosalad + capers!! love it
    some potatosalad with capers
    i love talking about food, do it everyday(seriously) im weird.. but someone has to be it, right?

    lots of love

  5. i love miike snow:) this is an amazing post. you ALWAYS find the most breathtaking photos. x

  6. I wish my eyes were good enough to read the font on your blog because it's incredibly tiny but apart from that loverly all round.
    The first image is so beautiful, where's it from?