why do i never remember my dreams? it is annoying. not because i am this dream-person that write down all my dreams and think that is a message from god. i don't believe in god. but dreams are so fascinating! some time ago i have this dream about me and my friend, and we was going to this thing at the harbor, and i just went from fashion week.(i was going to walk a really shitty show, but i hadn't washed my hair for a looong time, so i went home and washed it, and when i came back, the show was all ready finished.)
it was in the middle of the night, but it wasn't dark at all. and she was so slow, so we missed that too! but then some al-khaida (i don't think i write it correct) came and attaced me, my family and our neighbors. some of us hid in a dark bank, and i used my iphone as a flashlight. well. just tell me if i should tell you more of those dreams i remember! i think it is fun to tell you about them, but maybe not so fun to read? .e.xxx


  1. i dream a lot and nearly always remember them---but I agree with you,so don't tell anyone about them because it IS boring for them!

  2. i am not sure if i understand what you are trying to say..

  3. what a weird film ;P lol