I want black jeans. all of mine. i have three pairs- all turned turned gray. gap doesn't work. acne doesn't work. apc jeans doesn't work at all! do you know where to get black jeans. which stays black?

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если их число больше, чем большинство


  1. i completely understand your problem. my jeans also used to turn grey |)
    and love your blog, so gorgeous !!

  2. Her name is Tilda Lindstam, she doesn't have a blog but you can see more of her on IMG Models, development. She is gorgeous, and is one of my best friends!

  3. Cheap monday is the best, they have the best fit too!
    Love that picture by the way... is it a blouse? because if it is and if it's yours, i'll just die!

  4. thank you! I turned 17 today. woho! how old are you btw? :)

  5. Anonymous10/3/10 22:42

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