yup, i have a big hang-up at eddie pettersson.

parents can be so nice sometimes

wihiiii! vacation! a walk with mika! soon hedi will come over! secondhandshopiing! wihiii


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i don't understand why i don't have thought of the headbands before now?

lui wei superhero

one of my favorite pieces of art. made of animal skin.

vanessabruno fw 2037

i should post more pictures of myself. i don't know why i don't do it, because i think it is much more fun to watch good pictures of a person, then just art. maybe because i don't like the pictures i take of myself. it is stupid to post ugly pictures-ugly, but not prettyugly, just not attractive or good at any kind.


grace coddington hair by sølve sundsbø

eddie p

when you fall gently asleep, i will crawl through your window and close it behind me. down on the floor. out again, draw the curtains- all dressed in black. oh,

December influences


la nuit noire

tell me when darkness comes.
i have some tough days. and i'll might disappear for a while.

вещи, которые так близко, что почти касаются вас, и вы хотите, чтобы держаться подальше

i just want to show you my favorite sweater. 30 nok. i want to write good short stories! au revoir.
(by the way, do anyone know the name of the song at supremes website?)


pic2-emma won the v a model competition. pic1-i loose

i promise i will post something more fun tonight. i wish i was more intersting so i could make this blog more interesting. but now i HAVE to write some english thing about the doors velvet underground  probably jimi hendrix. any funny facts? l o v e